Our Approach

We believe Preparing for civil services is entirely different from the nature of preparation one needs while preparing for academic type exams. The difference is twofold . firstly the expanse of the syllabus and the enormity of depth to which one must reach and secondly, the nature of questioning at the exam makes it necessary for students to comprehend as early as possible that a more analytical as against rote approach is needed . Years spent at preparing notes and reproducing them at exam has no relevance . It is a race against time , years need to be traversed in months , scientific temper needs to be developed , all this needs one to imbibe ,comprehend , and collect plethora of information and understand it in a manner so as to be able to use the same to arrive at logical and and harmonious conclusions .

Our Story

IAS vision is a forum of academics ,educators and pioneers who have been change agents in shaping and directing change in preparing for exams conducted by public bodies . we directly and indirectly partner institutions in providing key material support, analyzing the changing trends ,helping adapt to change as seamlessly as possible. OUR years of involvement in teaching and developing relevant study materials and providing key inputs has made us most flexible and sensitive in comprehending changes over a period that extends through the last two decades. Integrating technology , developing relevant study material when needed and publishing low cost publications are some pioneering firsts ,we have been involved with .
successfully bridging the gap in standards in education imparted across geographies guides us in what we do and what aspire to achieve.

Next Steps...

Civil services exam tests the analytical and comprehending skills of a candidate. Exam is unique in testing the candidates ability to comprehend and analyse plethora of information and arriving at logical conclusions and judgements . It is not merely about endless data and information but about why that happens.

Institutions , simply confuse students by delivering notes etc but avoid discussing and putting emphasis on the most important ingredient i.e. writing skill.
Exam is a sum of parts and there is no particular formulae of success, what suits one may not suit the other . Developing the right mix is what preparation is all about.