IAS coaching in kolkata at  IAS Vision,comprises of  two programmes commencing at different times of the year keeping in view the fact that at least one year is needed to prepare for the exam in its entirety, know more
1. Weekday Programme ( Ias coaching)  IAS coaching in kolkata will comprise of classes running through the week i.e. (Monday to Friday - normally 4 days a week)  &  starts every month. associated features of the programme are enlisted below:
A. 10 months of rigorous classroom programme
B. 7 modules covering all aspects & subjects of upsc civil service
C. Current Affairs Modules along with GK Supplements
D. Doubt clearing sessions - 2 years
E. 60 mocks/ year
F. Admissions start in February of the previous year.
2. Weekend  Programme
( ias coaching in kolkata )
Classes are held only on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) and a fresh group starts  every month, features of the programme are as follows:
A12 months of rigorous classroom programme.
B7 modules covering all relevant sections of exam.
CCurrent Affairs Modules along with GK Supplements.
DDoubt clearing sessions - 2 years.E60 mocks / per year.
CIVIL SERVICE COACHING in Kolkata Fees = ₹ 100,000
3. Undergraduate Foundation Programme
( 3 YEARS)
 Undergraduates can Enrol for the programme in either weekend or weekday mode & will be provided support up to one year after the completion of the  graduation    CIVIL SERVICE COACHING in Kolkata Fees = ₹ 150,000
     Note 1 Every Ias coaching programme will  run as per schedule and no change will be allowed within a module after start of the same.
     Note  2 Flexibility in terms of spacing  of mock tests and  request for doubt clearing sessions will entirely be at  IAS Visions  discretion .
IAS COACHING in kolkata DETAILS and the areas to be covered in each batch  are  as follows: 
           1) During the period the candidates will be spending around 6 hours every day in the institute. The time period would be utilized for compulsory paper  i.e (General Studies for Preliminary & Mains and the Essay) & the tests ( surprise tests, preparatory tests, assignments, after class tests exact to the pattern mock tests etc).